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We are experts in residential design and building, serving the South Bay Area for over 31 years.

What We Do

Building Construction

Construction management and project supervision for quality 

Architectural Planning

Construction documents, detailed drawings and specifications

Custom Design

Custom homes, custom additions, custom remodels

About Bella Casa Builders

Rich Nuti started Bella Casa Builders with the goal of creating exceptional custom homes with beautiful designs that are also functional. He wanted to build homes that are the true expressions of their owners.

Having worked in the building industry for many years, Rich understands that in order to deliver on a client’s dream home, developing a great working relationship is key. It is not enough to have the talents and construction skills. Great personal skills are required to effectively communicate with the client about everything from design concepts, to budget to tools, and every other detail.

Building a custom home is about personalization which requires a more hands on approach. Rich set up Bella Casa so that he could be personally involved from the design phase all the way through delivery and warranty. This helps further develop the relationships with our clients. Ultimately, our clients become more comfortable and less stressed about the building and/or renovation project because of Rich being there and hands on.

Since our first project in 1991, Bella Casa Builders continue to build the best for our clients through innovation, quality, timeliness, and most of all relationships.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

We can advise you on building designs, construction methods and sustainably sourced building materials. These include low-flow plumbing fixtures, solar panels, natural fiber wool carpeting, hemp concrete, recycled plastic, bamboo based particle boards, smart glass windows, composite roofing shingles, and more.


The Newest Technology

We pride ourselves on applying the latest construction materials and technology. 


High Quality Construction Management

Our policies, processes and procedures guide us to consistently deliver quality to our clients on all projects from remodels to complete custom home builds.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Happy Clients


I personally have over twenty years of experience in residential design and over thirty years of experience in construction. I employ a model that ensures that our Clients’ goals are achieved, control over budget is maintained and the project moves forward in a logical and efficient manner.

Rich Nuti – Builder and Designer


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