I have a fabulous designer/builder recommendation. Rich Nuti is the owner of Bella Casa Builders. He is our builder, and we have used him on two other remodel projects, in a previous home. We have always been extremely satisfied with his creativity, work ethic and finished product. He has exceeded our expectations.

Rich has built his own homes, and so understands how his plans will feel like to live in.

Amazingly, our project was completed a month ahead of schedule and without cost overruns. We were able to keep our sanity during the process, thanks to your excellent handling of all phases of construction, from design to clean-up.

Rich is a creative guy, and  one that really wants to exceed your expectations and truly build you a house that will feel like it was built just for you.

Right from the design phase we were impressed by your professionalism, intelligence, calm demeanor and patience. You made us feel secure in the knowledge that you would be giving our small project all the attention it deserved and that your aim was 100% satisfaction. You did not disappoint!


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